Don’t miss out; submit a joint ERS/ATS Task Force proposal before 31 July

6 July, 2017

ERS members with expertise in a particular field of respiratory medicine are encouraged to submit a proposal for the 2017 round of joint ERS/ATS Task Forces before 31 July, 2017 (23:00 CET).

Joint ERS/ATS Task Forces are made up of a group of experts who specialise in a specific field of respiratory medicine, who work together to produce high quality official ERS/ATS documents, including clinical practice guidelines, statements or technical standards.

Once published, documents are endorsed by both ERS and the ATS, and are published in one of the societies’ journals. Task Force documents provide clarity and direction for a range of topics across respiratory medicine with the aim of improving clinical practice, and are expected to be developed over two years.

Access a range of official guidelines, statements and technical standards for respiratory medicine that have resulted from the joint ERS/ATS Task Force to learn more.

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