NEuroCOUGH – NEw Understanding in the tReatment Of COUGH

CRC Chairs:
Lorcan McGarvey (Queen’s University Belfast & Belfast Health and Social Care Trust,
Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Alyn Morice (University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom)
Sean Parker (Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, North Tyneside General Hospital, North Shields, United Kingdom)
Marta Dabrowska (Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland)

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About NEuroCOUGH

The NEw Understanding in the tReatment Of COUGH (NEuroCOUGH) CRC is a pan-European multi-centre network with the aim to improve the management of cough.

The NEuroCOUGH CRC seeks to create a unique platform allowing clinicians together with patients, researchers in academia and industrial partners across Europe and beyond to exchange ideas and facilitate collaborations geared towards improved care and treatment for patients with cough.

Specific aims

  • To provide information on the clinical pattern and healthcare burden of chronic cough in primary care by analysing the Optimum Patient Care Research Database.
  • To create a Registry of Europe-wide Specialist Cough Clinics operating according to agreed and standardised protocols.
  • To establish a Europe-wide registry of ‘clinical trial ready’ chronic cough patients suitable for multi-centre experimental medicine studies and later phase precision medicine clinical trials.
  • To promote education and patient/public engagement in the field of cough.


The NEuroCOUGH Steering Committee is composed of the two CRC chairs, three members from the Committee of National Leads (CNL) (invited on a rotational basis), the early career member, and a member of the Patient Advisory group.


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