CICERO – Collaboration In COPD ExaceRbatiOns

CRC Chairs:
Mona Bafadhel (University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom)
Wim Janssens (University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium)

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The Collaboration In COPD ExaceRbatiOns (CICERO) Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) is a pan-European multi-centre network with the aim to improve the management of COPD exacerbations.

The vision of CICERO seeks to create a unique platform allowing expert clinical researchers, young investigators, industry partners and patient and public representatives to advance scientific understanding, clinical management and patient outcomes in severe COPD exacerbations.

Specific aims

  • To establish a CICERO network of pan-European centres to take part in longitudinal data collection in the CATALINA study.
  • To complete a Delphi approach to reach an EU-wide consensus on what and when to measure during and after hospitalised COPD exacerbations.
  • To establish standardisation for data collection, processing and storage of all samples.
  • To set up CICERO resources for members, partners, patients and the public.
  • To create change in clinical practice via ERS approved task forces.
  • To extend CICERO with further funding for interventional studies.


As part of CICERO, the CATALINA study (a pan-European prospective interventional cohort study) will collect prospective, standardised, longitudinal data and biological samples in 20 European centres, obtained from 1,000 enrolled patients hospitalised for an acute COPD exacerbation with a one year follow-up. This study will serve as an exploratory dataset to design future interventions studies for specific patient subgroups.


The CICERO Stakeholder Board comprises a Steering Committee with an Executive Scientific Board, an International Advisory Board, a Senior Industry Panel, a National Leads Committee, and a Patient Representative Group, and is complemented by a Project Management Group and Data Management Board.

The Steering Committee is composed of the CRC co-chairs, the CICERO founding core-members, two representatives of the European Respiratory Society, a patient representative from the European Lung Foundation, and one representative from each founding industry funding partner.

The Executive Scientific Board consists of the CRC co-chairs, three CICERO founding core-members, the chair of the International Advisory Board, the chair of the Senior Industry Panel and the senior project manager.

The International Advisory Board includes three renowned independent experts in the field of COPD, four CICERO founding core-members and the senior project manager.

The Senior Industry Panel comprises at least one representative of each founding industry funding partner and one representative from non-founding funding partners, three CICERO founding core-members and the senior project manager.

The National Leads Committee is composed of CICERO founding core-members, each representing one lead centre per country participating in the CICERO registry and the senior project manager.

The Patient Representative Group includes patients with COPD and caregivers, to ensure the patient and public’s perspective is incorporated into the core aims of CICERO.


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