ChILD EU – The European Research Collaboration for Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease

CRC Chairs:
Nadia Nathan (Sorbonne Université, Paris, France)
Matthias Griese (University Hospital Munich, Munich, Germany)

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About ChILD EU

The ChILD EU (The European Research Collaboration for Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease) clinical research collaboration was launched by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in 2015.  Interstitial lung disease in children is very rare, with frequent misdiagnosis and limited treatment options and often-poor outcome. Childhood ILD comprises over 200 different rare lung conditions. The rarity of the conditions, usually with non-specific presenting signs, is often associated with late and/or misdiagnosis. Whilst there have been great strides made for chILD in this time, there remain great challenges to improving outcomes. This CRC has allowed the significantly fostering of collaboration to further develop diagnosis processes, pathophysiological understanding, clinical management, and scientific cooperation for chILD.

Specific aims

The CRC has identified the unmet needs as critical challenges moving forward. It aims to widen the CRC community to include a large panel of EU and non-EU clinicians and scientists including more than 25% of young fellows, some of them having specific implications as core members of other ongoing chILD projects. The current objective of this CRC is to:

  • Produce bigger cohort studies by pooling clinical cases of existing databases.
  • Develop personalised medicine in chILD using quality of life (QoL) surveys, patients report outcomes (PRO)s and educational documents in a variety of languages.
  • Create systematic procedures for transition of care from paediatric to adult departments.
  • Set-up international studies (clinical cases peer reviews; clinical trials).
  • Promote translational research between expert clinicians and scientists.


The CRC Child EU Executive Scientific committee is composed of Management Committee, Associated members, early career members and patient representatives.


If you are interested in more information about the CRC ChILD EU or would like to join the network, please email the chairs or consult the European Management Platform for Childhood Interstitial Lung Diseases.