France Bordeaux

Centre de recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux

INSERM U1045 - Université de Bordeaux

Brief overview

The “Centre de recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux” aims to develop pathophysiological and
translational research focused on asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary
arterial hypertension (PAH), cardiac arrhythmias and vascular remodelling.

The project relies on: (1) the specific complementary skills and expertise of the three research teams; (2) the synergies generated around cross-cutting themes such as muscle physiopathology, intercellular interactions, electrophysiology or tissue remodelling and (3) the close association with the Clinical Investigation Centre of Bordeaux, the Lung Function Test Department, Pulmonology Department and Thoracic Surgery Department of the University Hospital of Bordeaux (CHU Bordeaux).

Research areas

Asthma/ Cell biology/ COPD/ Infection/ Pulmonary hypertension

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)/European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

State-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise: Cell culture; Histopathology; Single-cell transcriptomics; Flow Cytometry; Photonic and electronic imaging facility (Bordeaux Imaging Center,  12 highly skilled engineers, ISO9001 label, video-microscopy, confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, super-resolution microscopy); VoxCell platform (production of spherical and tubular cultures); Proteomics; Transcriptomics; Bioinformatics; Animal facilities; Statistical department; Group of medical imaging

Research funding/resources

The “Centre de recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux” is funded by recurring public funders (Inserm, University), grants from the national research agency (ANR), the Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory (LabEx TRAIL), the Bordeaux University foundation for chronic diseases, the Regional council, both national and interregional clinical research programs (PHRC), and from the private sector (AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chiesi, GSK, …).

Links to non-academic sector

The “Centre de recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux” is very active in the partnership with the nonacademic sector. Is has initiated collaborative contracts with private companies, including Genoscreen, AstraZeneca, Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Patents are regularly submitted and delivered, mainly aiming at proposing new methods/therapeutics for respiratory diseases. Following these steps, numerous maturation projects have started with Aquitaine Science Transfert.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

Scientists of the “Centre de recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux” play an active role in training
programs for scientific, medical and pharmaceutical students, at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD
levels. In particular, the Centre is strongly involved in the MD-PhD program of the university of Bordeaux and in the French network of MD-PhD programs. International students and researchers are regularly hosted in the Centre.

In addition to the specific training in project management, communication and scientific skills
developed in the research centre, the fellows benefit from the unique environment provided at the university of Bordeaux: it was rewarded by the French government for its overall campus strategy for excellence and was one of the first universities in 2016 to obtain confirmation of this “Excellence” program.

The university of Bordeaux provides international students and researchers help for finding accommodation, going through administrative procedures and French lessons.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award