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CDR Saint Antoine – UMR938

Physiopathologie et phénogénomique de la mucoviscidose

Brief Overview

The CRSA (CDR Saint Antoine) regroups a powerful potential for biomedical research oriented towards both fundamental and translational research. Research is performed in association with the clinical and biological departments of the Saint-Antoine-Tenon-Armand Trousseau hospitals belonging to the same General Hospital Group. The CRSA is composed of 13 accredited research teams and one administrative team located mainly on the site of the Saint-Antoine. The theme of the team is focused on research in the respiratory field with substantial expertise in the field of cystic fibrosis.

Research Areas

Cell biology\Cystic fibrosis\Epithelial cell\Molecular biology

Host center eligibility

Global fellowships (return phase only)\ European fellowships

Research infrastructure/facilities

The CRSA (Saint Antoine Research center) is located in the Inserm building in Saint Antoine Hospital in Paris. The center offers researchers numerous platforms for scientific studies in the medical field. The CRSA provides instrumentation, education, and expertise for flow cytometry, microscopy, and histology. Housing and experimental animal are present in the center. All the facilities are connected to Sorbonne University (Paris, France), the broader University in France in Biology, and medical science.

Research funding/Resources

The CRSA is funded by academic funding (Inserm and Sorbonne University), different Foundations on rare diseases or cancer, and the SATT Lutech for translational research. Every year, the French government offers grants for students who wish to pursue all or part of their graduate studies in France, in higher education institutions authorized to issue a state diploma.

Links to non-academic sector

The CRSA is under a project of maturation with SATT Lutech and Inserm Transfert for Intellectual property and the identification of companies to support this study for future clinical trials. Different companies are directly linked to the CRSA to support basic research.

Experience hosting international researchers, career development & training programmes, outreach activities

Since 2002, the CRSA has enabled students to obtain permanent research positions. After their thesis, the motivated students do post-doctoral work abroad before returning to France to compete for a permanent position in the national institute or at University.

HR Excellence in Research – EU award


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