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An International Comparison of COPD Care in Europe - Publication Preview Image
An International Comparison of COPD Care in Europe

An International Comparison of COPD Care in Europe contains results of the first COPD audit in Europe.

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The European Respiratory Roadmap - Publication Preview Image
The European Respiratory Roadmap

The European Respiratory Roadmap, the first of its kind, seeks to serve as a basis for the respiratory community to communicate with key decision and policy makers on the importance of a focused strategy for respiratory medicine. Two versions of the Roadmap are available – one for health policy makers and one for healthcare professionals.

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Air Quality and Health - Publication Preview Image
Air Quality and Health

Air Quality and Health’ was published in September 2010 to coincide with the ERS Annual Congress in Barcelona. Part of the 2010 Year of the Lung initiative, it was created by the ERS Environment & Health Committee, primarily as a tool to empower physicians and other health professionals to promote better air quality and defend the health needs of patients and citizens but also to provide politicians, journalists and informed lay readers with an overview of the current knowledge about the nature and health consequences of the prevailing environmental problem of air pollution.
The booklet contains information on the degree of air pollution in Europe, the nature of its effects and the measures that are being (and should be) taken to combat it. Created in conjunction with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Basel, Switzerland) and the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (Barcelona, Spain), the booklet is available in multiple languages.

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European Lung White Book - Publication Preview Image
European Lung White Book

The ERS European Lung White Book (published in 2013) took the latest data from the World Health Organization and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and input from experts across the continent to present a rigorous examination of lung health and disease in Europe and an informed analysis of future trends. Covering risk factors, the major diseases, the development of the various fields of respiratory medicine and training and the growth of patient support organisations, the book laid out a series of policy recommendations to ensure a brighter, better future for respiratory health. It was designed as a vital data source and advocacy tool for health professionals, policymakers, patient advocates and the media.

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