ERJ Early Career Editorial Team mentoring programme

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ERJ Early Career Editorial Team mentoring programme

The European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) Early Career Editorial Team mentoring programme will run for two years from November 2020 to end of October 2022.

Members of the Early Career Editorial Team will be mentored by existing Section or Associate Editors of the ERJ and will undertake a variety of activities that will help to increase your engagement in scientific publishing. During the programme, mentees will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • acting in the role as an Associate Editor on the manuscript submission site;
  • subsequent evaluation of peer reviews of allocated manuscripts;
  • recommendation of a provisional accept/reject/revise decision on the manuscript on the basis of the peer reviews;
  • discussion of this evaluation and provisional decision with the mentoring editor (with the final decision being made by the chief editors).

Requirements for successful applicants

  • Applicants must be an early career clinician, allied health professional or Ph.D. level scientist who is an active researcher in respiratory medicine.
  • The applicant should not have previously been the associate editor of a journal and should usually be within 15 years of their first University degree.
  • The applicant will have at least one paper accepted for publication in a major respiratory journal, preferably the ERJ.

Successful applicants will be paired with a suitable mentoring Section or Associate Editor with an overlapping specialty after the application process is complete.

Successful applicants should expect to handle up to 12 suitable manuscripts per year, and may also be invited to take part in other activities, such as attending ERJ editorial board meetings and writing editorials for the ERJ. Four candidates will be selected on merit by the Chief Editor team.

Application and notification

The application period is now closed. The deadline to submit an application was 10 October, 2020. No applications submitted after this date will be considered.

The outcome of the application process will be communicated towards the end of October 2020.

Further information

The members of the Early Career Editorial Team will be listed on the ERJ editorial board webpage.

Successful applicants completing the programme will receive a certificate for their records that demonstrates for their CV that they were selected on merit by the ERJ editorial board for the programme and that they completed the training programme.

Participants in the programme will be invited to attend the ERJ editorial board dinner (during the ERS congress) after the commencement of the programme, and be invited to a discussion session with members of the editorial board during the congress.

The Early Career Editorial Team mentoring programme aims to provide researchers in the field of respiratory medicine with experience of editorial board work and increase engagement in scientific and medical publishing. It should not be implied that successful participation in the programme results in appointment to a permanent editorial role on the board of the ERJ.