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ERS Lung Science Conference 2022 reaches a record audience

ERS Lung Science Conference 2022 reaches a record audience - article image

Thank you!

We extend our thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Lung Science Conference (LSC) – especially those who contributed to the extensive programme. As well as marking the 20th year of this event, this year’s LSC also marked the return of the European Respiratory Society’s in-person events. We were pleased to welcome over 170 delegates onsite, and 158 online – meaning a overall attendance number of 328 – our largest attendance to date.

Would you like to revisit the content? Replay it.

Registered delegates can revisit the programme and replay individual sessions, and view the eposters, through the Conference platform. Session replays and eposters will be available until 31 April 2022.

Award winners

The following awards were presented during the event:

  • William MacNee Award — Young Investigator Session
    • Elza Evren (Sweden) – YI01 – Human CD116+ fetal liver progenitors migrate to the perinatal lung and give rise to alveolar macrophages in vivo
  • Geoffrey Laurent Award — Best oral presentation
    • Theodore Kapellos – OP07 – Inflammatory blood neutrophils in COPD stem from activated bone marrow progenitors
  • Distinguished Poster Awards
    • Group A: Guilherme Dragunas (Netherlands) – eP331
    • Group B: Cornelia Blume (United Kingdom) – TP112
    • Group C: Valeria Viteri-Alvarez (Germany) – TP132
    • Group D: Florent Foisset (France) – TP137
    • Group E: Isabelle Dupin (France) – TP202
    • Group F: Sudip Das (Switzerland) – TP215
    • Group G: Merete Long (United Kingdom) – TP229
    • Group H: Aicha Jeridi (Germany) – TP236