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ERS Congress theme announced for 2024

ERS Congress theme announced for 2024 - article image

11 April, 2024

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) has announced the ERS Congress theme for 2024 as ‘Humans and machines: getting the balance right’.

The theme presents an opportunity within the broad programme to spotlight a hot topic or priority area. ERS Congress 2024 Co-Chair, Prof. Gabor Kovacs noted why this theme was selected for this year:

“We really felt that focusing in on developments in artificial intelligence (AI) for our field was particularly timely. The rate of progress and development in this area is both exciting and daunting and this idea of finding ‘balance’ is something which is certainly a hot topic, not just in medicine, but across all sectors. This theme, in my opinion, is one of the most cross-cutting in recent years – it’s of interest to all disciplines and across specialist areas.”

The congress programme will offer several sessions and learning opportunities under this theme. While highlighting the increasing role of AI and digitalisation in all fields of pneumology (and medicine), the programme will also delve into the current and future role of humans in AI-supported medical care, including the psychological and humanitarian aspects. It will consider how machines affect the relations between patients and doctors, and how healthcare systems, pathways and organisations will be changed by new technologies.

“I am really looking forward to the sessions on this theme and I will be in the audience for as many as I can. Anyone interested can use the online programme and select the congress theme track to see everything available on the topic.

“It is important to note that the theme sessions are just one element of a very comprehensive programme, which will once again cover the full spectrum of disease areas and specialties – offering something for everyone.”

As this year’s congress theme is of high interest, ERS is extending its content to some pre and post congress activities. More details will be announced soon.