ERS and PATS Paediatric webinar: Non-CF Bronchiectasis

ERS and PATS Paediatric webinar: Non-CF Bronchiectasis - article image

The European Respiratory Society and Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS) will be co-hosting a live webinar on the diagnostic approach and management of non-CF bronchiectasis.

Chaired by Refiloe Masekela (PATS) and Marielle Pijnenburg (ERS) and featuring guest speakers Marijke Proesmans and Diane Gray, the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Prevalence of NCFB
  • Differential diagnosis of NCFB
  • Diagnostic approach to a child with NCFB
  • Differences in this approach between high income and low-middle income countries
  • Treatment of NCFB with antibiotics, mucolytics, physical therapy and supportive treatment

The webinar will consist of interactive presentations followed by a Q&A session and is free to register for.

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