CME Online: How to treat NTM pulmonary disease

CME Online: How to treat NTM pulmonary disease - article image

A new CME module is now available which focuses on the treatment of NTM pulmonary disease.

Led by Prof. Christoph Lange with speakers Dr Charles Daley and Prof. Andres Floto, the module includes a discussion on the new ATS/ERS/ESCMID/IDSA joint clinical practice guideline for the management of pulmonary diseases caused by NTMs.

The module features an interactive case simulation, a panel discussion and suggested readings, which will provide participants with an overview of NTM pulmonary disease and the recommendations put forward for its treatment.

Participants with a myERS account will also be able to take a test on the topic at the end of the module, which is accredited with one CME credit. A CME certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the CME test.

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