Apply or nominate for the ERS Scientific Awards 2024

Apply or nominate for the ERS Scientific Awards 2024 - article image

Apply or nominate for the ERS Scientific Awards 2024

European Respiratory Society (ERS) members can now apply or nominate colleagues for a range of prestigious ERS Scientific Awards that recognise research excellence across the respiratory field.

The awards on offer for 2024 include ERS Mid-Career Gold Medals, Lifetime Achievement Awards, the Cournand Lecture Award, as well as a brand-new award for 2024.

The ERS Mid-Career Gold Medal Awards honour mid-career researchers from the ERS membership who have an excellent track record and the potential for further outstanding developments in a specific field.

This year’s awards will go to those working in the fields of COPD, paediatrics, thoracic oncology, interstitial lung diseases, and allied respiratory professionals.

The ERS Lifetime Achievement Awards honour highly regarded senior scientists and established experts in the respiratory field, who have an international reputation.

The recipients of these awards are exclusively ERS members and each year we ask for members from specific assemblies to apply/nominate – ensuring that members from all groups have an opportunity to apply/nominate in rotation year by year.

There are five Lifetime Achievement Awards on offer in 2024 and this year the call for applications/nominations is for: respiratory clinical care and physiology (ERS Assembly 1); respiratory intensive care (ERS Assembly 2); airway diseases, asthma, COPD and chronic cough (ERS Assembly 5); and epidemiology and environment (ERS Assembly 6); and respiratory infections (ERS Assembly 10).

The Cournand Lecture is reserved for young investigators, with a special Congress session dedicated to this lecture and a slot reserved for the awardee. The Award commemorates a distinguished French scientist who worked for much of his life in the United States. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology in 1956 for his pioneering work on the in vivo investigation of the circulation.

Finally, the 2024 awards call will feature for the first time the ERS Scientifically Developing Countries Lifetime Achievement Award. This brand-new award is intended to honour highly regarded senior scientists from scientifically developing countries who have made significant impact with their activity on the local/national and/or international population in the respiratory field.

Please note that All ERS Mid-Career Gold Medals will in 2024 become honorary awards, meaning that there will be no sponsored awards in these categories. The deadline to apply or nominate for these awards is 8 February at 23:59.