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Registration steps

  1. Check your eligibility and prepare all necessary documentation for your examination category.
    Each electronic document must be in ENGLISH, formatted in pdf, jpg, doc, or docx, and be no more than 2MB in size.
  2. Register online through your myERS profile.
  3. Your registration will be processed within 14 days and a confirmation will be sent once payment has been finalised.


PLEASE NOTE: We advise you to start the registration process well in advance of the deadline, in case we encounter any issues with your application, and to prevent longer processing time before the registration deadline.

To be accepted to sit the examination, candidates must meet all eligibility criteria and provide all required documentations (in ENGLISH) during the online registration process within the registration period. The minimum age for a candidate is 18 years old. The binding registration period (i.e., start/end of registrations) is announced on the ERS website.

Eligibility criteria

In order to sit the examination, you must be able to meet the eligibility criteria for your examination category:

European Diploma

Eligibility criteria:

  • Qualified specialist in adult or paediatric medicine, or a current, final-year postgraduate trainee in adult or paediatric respiratory medicine
  • Qualified medical practitioner with current and full medical registration (except final-year trainees)
  • In good professional standing


  • Current post-graduate trainee in adult or paediatric respiratory medicine
  • In good professional standing


  • Qualified medical practitioner with current full medical registration
  • In good professional standing

Please note: You may only sit one HERMES examination per year.


Standard Fee *Earlybird Fee
European Diploma (ERS member) €350 €310
European Diploma (Non-member) €490 €430
In-Training (ERS Member) €200 €170
In-Training (Non-Member) €310 €270
Self-Assessment (ERS Member) €200 €170
Self-Assessment (Non-Member) €310 €270


*Earlybird fee applies to registrations received between 1 March, 2024 to 1 June, 2024 at 23:59:00 CEST.


Online Examination Requirements

We are using a platform specifically designed for computer-based assessments (hosted by CYIM), combined with live invigilation services (by ProctorU). This means your computer and webcam will be accessed by the system and a live proctor/invigilator will uphold the examination regulations and procedures. You can take the online examination at home or in an office, with reliable internet connection and laptop/PC.

Each candidate must create an account with ProctorU and schedule their examination on their platform by booking an exam session. ProctorU is a company that specialises in invigilating exams remotely and they will be directly monitoring you throughout the exam to assist with any technical problems. More information will be provided once your registration is confirmed.

Please watch the videos below – this will help you to familiarise yourself with the layout of the platform in advance of the examination.

HERMES exam – ProctorU Guide

HERMES exam platform tutorial 

For more information please refer to the ProctorU website for full details on this process

IMPORTANT: Please follow the guidelines and tutorials to ensure that you have a good understanding of the requirements and policies before registering for the Online exam.

HERMES Examination Policies

HERMES Online Examination policies are found on the ERS HERMES Examination in Respiratory Medicine Terms and Conditions.

  • By registering for the ERS HERMES examination, the candidate confirms that he/she adheres to the terms and conditions as stipulated within the ERS HERMES Examination in Respiratory Medicine Terms and Conditions
  • ERS reserves the right to modify programmes when/if deemed necessary.
  • Cancellations are accepted, if a request has been sent in writing up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the event. Within this deadline, a full refund, minus €50 of administration fees, will be made. No refund will be possible past this deadline.

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