New ERS/ECDC report offers updated guidance on best practice in TB care

4 May, 2018

A joint task force of international experts from ERS and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published an updated report to provide guidance on best practice in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB) in the EU.

The report, entitled ‘European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care (ESTC) - 2017 update’, incorporates new scientific evidence that only became available after the publication of the first ESTC report in 2012.

Areas covered within the report include:

  • TB diagnosis;
  • TB treatment;
  • Standards for addressing HIV infection and co-morbidities;
  • Public health and TB prevention

Each of the recommendations comprehensively considers EU specific requirements for standards of care, making the report an accessible and practical resource for clinicians and public health workers across the EU.