ERS adopts BioMed Alliance Code of Conduct

30 June, 2016

ERS has recently adopted a Code of Conduct for healthcare professionals and scientific organisations developed by the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe, which ERS is a founding member of.

It is imperative that activities of scientific societies like the ERS and its officers are conducted transparently and with integrity for the benefit of patients. The BioMed Alliance Code of Conduct sets high ethical standards and responds to the evolving demands for transparency.

It sets out the core principles to maintain and enhance professional independence, objectivity and scientific integrity. The BioMed Alliance Code of Conduct also helps to ensure that the Alliance’s interactions and collaborations with the healthcare sector are for the benefit of patients and for the improvement of scientific standards and medical care. This includes overseeing aspects of healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations’ relationship with industry and stakeholders.

It is essential that activities of scientific societies are delivered independently and the code of conduct provides guidance on specific activities such as representation; educational activities; congresses; exhibitions; publications and research funding.

ERS has committed to complying with this code of conduct, ensuring that it is implemented and enacted at all levels of our organisation.

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