ERS Science Council

The Science Council leads ERS’s science-related activities. Science is a key pillar of the Society.


The Science Council aims to contribute to the advancement of science in respiratory medicine through a range of activities including fellowship opportunities, scientific conferences and seminars, clinical research collaborations (CRCs), clinical practice guidelines and other ERS official scientific documents.

  • Share the latest scientific research through conferences and seminars.
  • Support the development of clinical guidelines, statements and technical standards.
  • Support the respiratory research community and provide our members with access to research opportunities.

Council members

Nicolas Roche - profile image
Nicolas Roche
Science Council Chair

Sejal Saglani - profile image
Sejal Saglani
Fellowship and Awards Director

Silke Meiners - profile image
Silke Meiners
Conference and Research Seminars Director

Salman Siddiqui - profile image
Salman Siddiqui
CRC Director

Andrew Bush - profile image
Andrew Bush
Guidelines Director

Declaration of Interests

Annual Declaration of Interest 2022-2023

1 - Personal interests

Regular Paid Consultancy Work


Personal Benefits


Personal Travel Grants or expenses for conferences etc.


Shares in any Relevant Companies (excluding mutual funds)


2 - Non-Personal interests


3 - Other Interests that may be seen as potential conflicts


4 - Tobacco-Industry related Conflicts of Interests

No. I declare that I have not been full or part time employee of, paid consultant or advisor to /received a grant from the tobacco industry at any time after 1.1.2000, for any project or programme.

*Funds Code Legend
less than € 1'000€ 1001 - € 5'000€ 5'001 - € 20'000more than € 20'000
Sara Cuevas Ocaña - profile image
Sara Cuevas Ocaña
Early Career Members Committee Chair

James Chalmers - profile image
James Chalmers
Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal

Esther Barreiro - profile image
Esther Barreiro
Chief Editor of ERJ Open Research

Renata Riha - profile image
Renata Riha
Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Review

Craig Wheelock - profile image
Craig Wheelock
Director of Scientific Relations with the EU

ERS Assembly Heads - profile image
ERS Assembly Heads
All ERS Assembly Heads are also members of the Science Council.

Ioannis Vogiatzis
Christian Karagiannidis
Irene H. Heijink
Winfried Randerath
Omar S. Usmani
Charlotte Suppli Ulrik
Marielle W.H. Pijnenburg
Federica Meloni
Daniel Langer
Eva Polverino
Torsten Gerriet Blum
Katerina Antoniou
Anton Vonk Noordegraaf
Walter de Wever

ERS Assembly Heads

Working Groups

Fellowships and Awards Working Group

Sejal Saglani, UK (Chair)
Sylvia Cohen-Kaminsky, France
Claudia Kuehni, Switzerland
Argyrios Tzouvelekis, Greece
Nicolas Reynoird, France
Mirela Ciontu, Romania
Lorenzo Guglielmetti, France
Niki Ubags, Switzerland
Cristina Ardura-Garcia, Switzerland
Barbara Crossley, UK
Giovanni Sotgiu, Italy
Sophia Schiza, Greece
Aleksandra Szczepankiewicz, Poland
Georgia Hardavella, Greece
Richard Lee, UK
Pilar Cedujo Ramos, Spain
Mathieu Marillier, France
Henrik Hansen, Denmark
Suzanne Cloonan, Ireland
Savai Pullamsetti Soni, Germany
Christoph Fisser, Germany
Susanne Vijverberg, Netherlands

Clinical Research Collaborations Working Group

Salman Siddiqui, UK (Chair)
Andrew Bush, UK
Ian Adcock, UK
Giovanni Sotgiu, Italy
Stefano Aliberti, Italy
Andre Nyberg, Sweden
Joanna Pepke-Zaba, UK
Joanna Chorostowska, Poland
Begüm Ergan, Turkey
Jakob Usemann, Switzerland
Raphael Heinzer, Switzerland

Guidelines Working Group

Andrew Bush, United Kingdom (Chair)
Merel E. Hellemons, Netherlands
Jean-Louis Pépin, France
Sophia Schiza, Greece
Daiana Stolz, Switzerland
Sara Tomassetti, Italy
Salman Siddiqui, United Kingdom
Stelios Loukides, Greece
Marieke Duiverman, Netherlands
Sylvia Ulrich, Switzerland
Amanda Tufman, Germany
Angela Zacharasiewicz, Austria
Jibril Mohammed, Nigeria
Rosanne Beijers, Netherlands
Josie Altenburg, Netherlands
Judith Garcia Aymerich, Spain