Ongoing Clinical Research Collaborations

Clinical Research Collaborations (CRCs) are ERS supported projects. They bring together multiple stakeholders, such as clinical and translational researchers, radiologists, biostatisticians, associated funding partners, and patients, to collaborate on an identified area within respiratory medicine. This multidisciplinary approach fosters a dynamic scientific community. CRCs aim to advance science and clinical research and improve respiratory health and medicine.

Ongoing CRCs


Start Date Project: Acronym and title CRC Chairs Information
2024 IMPORTANCE – IMplications of Positive Airway Pressure and Home Mechanical Ventilation: TowArds optimal patieNt CarE Marieke L. Duiverman,
Manuel Sanchez De La Torre
2024 iDREAM – Diagnosis and management of sleep disordered breathing in children aged less than two years old Stijn Verhulst,
Jessica Taytard
2023 CONNECT – Moving multiple digital innovations towards connected respiratory care: addressing the over-arching challenges of whole systems implementation Hilary Pinnock,
Job van Boven
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Editorial November 2023
2023 PANTHER – Precision medicine Adaptive Network platform Trial in Hypoxemic acutE respiratory failuRe Lieuwe Bos,
Danny Mcauley
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2022 – PROgressive Fibrosing Lung Julien Guiot,
Simon Walsh
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Editorial September 2023
2022 AMR-Lung – AntiMicrobial Resistance in Lung infections Anand Shah,
Miquel Bart Ekkelenkamp,
Stephanie Thee
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Editorial December 2023
2021 Child BEAR net – Children’s Bronchiectasis Education Advocacy and Research Network Anne Chang,
Ahmad Kantar
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Editorial October 2021
2021 PERSPECTIVE – the Pan-European Patient-centred Network Platform for the Extraction of Valid Real-World Evidence in Thoracic Oncology Torsten Blum,
Jacques Cadranel
Dragana Jovanovic
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2020 END-COVID – European respiratory Network for Data-sharing in COVID19 Claudia Valenzuela,
Stefano Aliberti
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Editorial September 2022
2020 BEAT PCD – Better Experimental Approaches to Treat Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Amelia Shoemark,
Myrofora Goutaki
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Editorial February 2021
2020 PELICAN – Prematurity’s Effects on the Lungs In Children and Adults Network Shannon Simpson,
Jenny Hallberg
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Editorial April 2021
2019 e-GLILDnet – A European Granulomatous-Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease Network John Hurst,
Klaus Warnatz
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Editorial April 2020
2019 CICERO – Collaboration In COPD ExaceRbatiOns Mona Bafadhel,
Wim Janssens
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Editorial March 2020
2019 PHAROS – severe Pulmonary Hypertension mAnagement acROSs Europe Olivier Stibon,
Abilio Reis,
Marion Delcroix
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Editorial May 2020
2018 CADSET – Chronic Airway DiSeases Early sTratification Alvar Agustí,
Wisia Wedzicha,
Rosa Faner,
Erik Melén
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Editorial March 2019
2018 EARCO – European Alpha-1 research COllaboration Marc Miravitlles,
Christian Clarenbach
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Editorial February 2019
2018 NEUROCOUGH – New understanding in the treatment of cough – Clinical Research Collaboration: A pan-European multi-centre network to improve the management of cough Lorcan McGarvey,
Lieven Dupont,
Alyn Morice,
Sean Parker,
Marta Dabrowska
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Editorial May 2019
2018 WEAN SAFE – Worldwide assessment of separation of patients from ventilator assistance John Laffey,
Leo Heunks
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Editorial March 2019
2017 IMPACT – International Multicentre Pleural reseArch CollaboraTive Uffe Bodtger,
Federico Mei,
Steven Walker,
Jane Shaw
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Editorial May 2019
2017 PEX-NET – Pulmonary hemodynamics during exercise – research network Horst Olschewski,
Philippe Herve
Editorial April 2019
2017 SHARP – Severe Heterogenous Asthma Research collaboration, Patient-centered Celeste Porsbjerg,
Florence Schleich,
Hilary Hodge
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Editorial November 2018
2016 ChILDEU – The European research collaboration for Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Nadia Nathan,
Matthias Griese
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Editorial December 2018
2016 GLI – The Global Lung function Initiative network Sanja Stanojevic,
Brendan Cooper
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Editorial February 2019
2016 SPACE – Severe Paediatric Asthma Collaborative in Europe – Enhancing participation of asthmatic children in therapeutic trials of new biologics and receptor blockers Marielle Pijnenburg,
Franca Rusconi
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Editorial October 2018
2015 ESADA – European sleep apnoea database Ludger Grote,
Athanasia Pataka
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Editorial October 2018
2014 EMBARC – European Multicentre Bronchiesctasis Audit and Research Collaboration James Chalmers,
Eva Polverino
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Editorial November 2018
Editorial June 2023

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