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Programme as of 14 May 2018

The impact of air pollution on respiratory health – a focus on persistent problems and new emerging areas

Organisers : Professor Thomas Sandström (Sweden) and Doctor Ian Mudway (United Kingdom)

Over the past decade, the evidence linking air pollution to increased respiratory mortality and morbidity, particularly due to road traffic, has expanded dramatically. Thus, the purpose of this seminar is to review this enriched evidence base, and to address a series of questions that have either remained unanswered or are contentious, with significant differences of opinion within the research community.


Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with experts working in the air pollution field from a wide range of disciplines, and will be able to debate the respiratory impacts of air pollution. Participants will learn from senior academics who are experts in their field, and engagement from junior academics is encouraged both through platform presentation and by permitting them to address the topics though poster presentations.

A poster session will take place as part of the research seminar. If you are interested in presenting your work, please send your abstracts to before 3 September, 2018.


Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. If you want to attend please register by completing the online form.

The deadline to register is 3 September, 2018. Notification of registrant selections will be sent by the end of September 2018.

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