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Scientific programme as of 06.12.2018

Targeting the detrimental effects of sleep disturbances and disorders - towards personalized treatment in respiratory diseases

Organisers : Doctor Silke Ryan (Ireland) and Doctor Isaac Almendros (Spain)

Sleep disorders, i.e. diseases that affect, disrupt or involve sleep, represent a major public health burden. At least 10% of the population suffer from a clinically significant sleep disorder with a steadily rising prevalence mainly due to the aging society, the obesity epidemic and broad societal changes.


The aim of this Research Seminar is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for experts from different specialities in order to present and discuss state-of the art knowledge in the field, to identify open questions and future strategies for basic/experimental research and potential translation of these findings into the clinical setting.

This will be an ideal forum for networking of experts in the different fields and for establishing collaborations. The seminar is also focused on bringing together young and more experienced investigators in the field in order to stimulate the translational research activities in an inter-generational network.

Participant benefits

  • examine clinical and basic researchers respective work streams in a more cohesive manner
  • clarify the details of current basic/experimental research in the context of value added to clinical research
  • discuss the big open questions in clinical research in the context of experimental underpinnings or future evidence at a basic level
  • participate in a stimulating interdisciplinary forum attended by top level scientists and clinicians in the field

A poster session will take place as part of the research seminar. The deadline to submit an abstract has now passed. The notification of the abstract acceptance will be sent to the authors by end of November 2018.


Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Please kindly note that the registration is now closed.

Notification of selections will be sent by end of November 2018.

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