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Programme as of 12.04.2019

New biomarkers, molecules and therapeutic sequences for non small cell lung carcinoma in the era of precision medicine

Organisers : Prof. Jacques Cadranel (France) and Prof. Thierry Berghmans (Belgium)

The therapeutic management of advanced non small cell carcinoma (NSCLC) has been transformed by the better knowledge of oncogenic addictions and on the basics of anti-tumor immunity, in parallel to the development of targeted therapies including small molecules and antibodies. However, not all patients will benefit from these new effective therapies. As this science is rapidly evolving, it is of importance to continuously disseminate new and informative achievements that will impact on routine thoracic oncology practice.


This research seminar aims to review old, new and putative oncogenic addictions and their biomarkers, as well as, how the cancer immunity operates and could be therapeutically boosted. It will focus on comprehensive description of molecular alterations observed in NSCLC that could be identified and targeted and on a better understanding of the anti-tumoral immunity. It will provide information of new technological diagnostic approaches to identify molecular alterations and explore the immune system within the tissue, in attempt to better select patients for targeted therapies

Participant benefits

  • be aware of the predictive biomarkers that can be used for NSCLC precision medicine including oncogenic addictions and predictive biomarkers of ICI efficacy
  • be aware of the techniques used for the identification of predictive biomarkers such as IHC, FISH, molecular targeted sensitive techniques, targeted NGS, DNA or RNA sequencing
  • be aware of the new authorized targeted therapies including small molecules and antibodies
  • be aware of the primary/secondary mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies and the strategy for molecular resistance diagnosis
  • be aware of the therapeutic strategies to prevent, delay or treat targeted therapy resistance

Live streaming

This Research Seminar will be live streamed. If you cannot attend in person, you can register to join us as an online participant. You will still have access to the full scheduled programme but not to the closed breakout session.

Please note that the recordings of the live stream will be available after the Research Seminar.


  • Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Please note that the registration for live participants is now closed.
  • Registration for online participants is now open and free of charge.


The seminar will take place in the following location:

Institut du Cerveau et de La Moelle Épinière (ICM)

47 Boulevard Hôpital

75013 Paris


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