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Scientific programme as of 9 December 2019

Lung cancer screening: from trial to practice

Organisers : Prof. Dr. Jan P. van Meerbeeck and Dr. Annemie Snoeckx

The aim of this ERS Research Seminar is to gather experts and young researchers in the field of lung cancer screening, to review up-to-date knowledge, address hurdles and barriers, identify new research opportunities and promote ambassadorship for lung cancer screening.

It will focus on the practical implementation of lung cancer screening, with particular emphasis on one of the biggest challenges for the future: targeting the ‘hard-to-reach’ population of current and former heavy smokers.

The seminar will provide insights on the different aspects involved in screening participation. Numerous stakeholders will share their views, and will address the hurdles that need to be tackled before lung cancer screening can be implemented in daily practice. This will aid attendees in preparing a roadmap for implementation in their own country.

Participant benefits

  • interaction with key opinion leaders on the subject of lung cancer screening and its implementation
  • access to an update on the latest evidence on lung cancer screening and European data
  • gaining insight in how to target the hard-to-reach population of current and former smokers for lung cancer screening
  • gaining insight in the barriers and hurdles for lung cancer implementation in daily practice


Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. The registration is now closed. If you are interested in participation to the research seminar contact

Notification of selections will be sent by mid-October 2018.

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