ERS Officer Excellence Programme

The Officer Excellence Programme is a dedicated development pathway for ERS Officers and early career members to gain knowledge and skills that will support them in their work throughout the Society and also in their clinical practice.


  • Empower officers to fulfil their important role within the society
  • Provide opportunities for personal development
  • Acknowledge outstanding & up and coming officers
  • Improve the quality of ERS activities
  • Provide a development pathway for early career members

The programme is structured around three focus areas:

TEACH - presentation skills, adult learning principles, reviewing, assessment

CHAIR - meeting facilitation, negotiation/mediation skills, presentation skills, communication skills, methodology, social media, patient involvement

LEAD - cross-cultural collaboration and leading with emotional intelligence, empathy and ethics, embracing change, resilience and agility, stakeholder communications and management, board and committee governance


In 2019, the following ERS Officers are following the multi-part, multiple venue development programme.

Tiago Alfaro (Portugal), Isaac Almendros (Spain), Sabine Bartel (Netherlands), Torsten Gerriet Blum (Germany), Daniel Langer (Belgium), Pierantonio Laveneziana (France), Gilbert Massard (France), Federica Meloni (Italy), Raffaella Nenna (Italy), Marielle Pijnenburg (Netherlands), Eva Polverino (Spain), Sheila Ramjug (UK), and Daiana Stolz (Switzerland).


The 2019 modules include:

  • Presentation skills - May 2019
  • Facilitation/Moderation skills - May 2019
  • Teaching, learning and assessments: key principles - September 2019
  • Supporting patients with behaviour change strategies - September 2019
  • Teamability: become an effective team leader and member - September 2019
  • Educational supervision: assessing clinical performance - September 2019
  • Delivering bad news as a multidisciplinary team - September 2019
  • Compassion fatigue awareness and burnout prevention for practitioners - September 2019

For more information about the programme, please contact