Host an ERS HERMES self-assessment course in your city or country

ERS offers national societies an option to host an ERS HERMES self-assessment course in respiratory medicine so that their members have a local opportunity to access an efficient and European-standard formative assessment, designed to train local specialists and trainees in respiratory medicine. Access to these courses is especially useful for people who plan to take the ERS HERMES examinations, which take place annually.

How does the self-assessment course work?

  • National societies from any location, inside or outside of Europe, have the option to host a course on site in their own city/country – making it more accessible to their members.
  • As part of an agreed fee, ERS provides everything needed for this to take place, including: shipping of examination materials, administration, logistics and one ERS expert.
    You can promote this course to your members and they can register for a set fee.
  • The course is delivered in English. It features 30 multiple-choice questions (taken from the ERS HERMES exam) as part of a one-hour mock examination, followed by a two-hour discussion with an expert.
  • The course provides a unique opportunity to test candidates’ applied knowledge in respiratory medicine.

Why would the self-assessment course benefit your society’s members?

  • It offers a ‘real-life’ clinical focus and efficient testing method: The multiple-choice questions are based on detailed clinical vignettes from real-life situations. Candidates must use their applied knowledge to answer the questions. This higher level of assessment tests the candidates in a more efficient way than simple questions.

  • It is a good performance indicator: As an ERS HERMES initiative, this assessment is an opportunity for participants to get an indication of their performance/level of knowledge using questions from the ERS HERMES exams, which meet the European ‘gold standard’.

  • An on-site expert ensures thorough understanding: Candidates have a unique opportunity to openly discuss the questions and answers with a member of the ERS HERMES Examination Committee or a committee-approved MCQ author to ensure that the answers are fully understood.

  • It is deal ERS HERMES exam preparation: As the questions are selected from the ERS HERMES examination, this course is an ideal preparation for candidates wishing to sit this examination.

  • It means reduced costs but more convenience: By bringing the course to your members you are making this course more accessible, removing the costs of travel and making it more convenient for them generally.

Do the courses cover both adult and paediatric respiratory medicine?

  • Yes, the courses are available in adult and paediatic respiratory medicine.

Who can benefit from these courses?

  • The content of the course is designed to benefit both respiratory specialists and trainees in respiratory medicine.

What are the associated costs?

  • To the national society: A detailed breakdown of the costs for national societies to host a self-assessment course will be provided on request. Most associated costs are set prices, but there are cost variations dependant on location due to shipping and travel fees etc. Please direct all cost queries to

  • Cost to your members (individual registration fees payable to ERS): The cost to attend this course for your members is €150. Note that the minimum number of attendees is 15.


For all queries relating to hosting an ERS HERMES self-assessment course, please contact: