ERS HERMES self-assessment course in adult respiratory medicine

Since 2017, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) offers national societies in and outside of Europe a new formative assessment for training of local specialists and trainees in respiratory medicine.

The Self-assessment course provides a unique opportunity to test candidate’s applied knowledge in respiratory medicine against 30 high-quality, case-based multiple-choice questions selected from the question pool of the ERS HERMES European examination in adult respiratory medicine. After a one-hour mock examination, all answers are then explained and discussed with an expert (member of the Examination Committee) for two hours.

Why organise the Self-assessment course?

Clinical focus

The multiple-choice questions are based on detailed clinical vignettes from real-life situations. Candidates must use their applied knowledge. This higher level of assessment tests the candidates in a more efficient way than simple questions.

Performance benchmark

The one-hour examination tests the candidate’s knowledge against the European ‘gold standard’. Participants can immediately check correct answers and see how they have performed.

Meet the expert

Candidates have a unique opportunity to openly discuss the questions and answers with a member of the ERS HERMES Examination Committee.

Exam preparation

As the questions are selected from the ERS HERMES examination, this course is an ideal preparation for candidates wishing to sit this examination.

Characteristics of the Self-assessment course

  • 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Language: English
  • Duration: one-hour mock examination; two-hour discussion
  • Target group: respiratory specialists; trainees in respiratory medicine
  • Faculty: Member of the Examination Committee; a local expert can be invited to co-lead the feedback session
  • Registration fee: €150 per participant

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