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MDR-TB guidelines: what is new on clinical management

Chair: Giovanni Battista Migliori Speaker: Payam Nahid

MDR-TB still represents a clinical and public health priority. Its treatment is long, difficult, expensive and with frequent adverse events, so that clinicians benefit from updated guidelines. Its prevention strategy largely rely on the capacity of treating correctly the existing cases of MDR-TB, on top of treating adequately new cases with a drug susceptible pattern. In March 2019 the WHO has issued its new MDR-TB guidelines, supporting full oral regimens and introducing a new classification of anti-TB drugs. ATS, ERS , IDSA and CDC are finalising new clinical guidelines which will be specifically focused on low TB incidence countries. Given the important changes the new guidelines are going to propose, this webinar will be important for all health staff involved in MDR management and control.

Educational aims

By attending the course the audience will gain important updated knowledge on the evidence-based approach to design guidelines, on the new 2019 MDR-TB treatment guidelines’ recommendations and on the role of the TB Consilia to ensure quality management of these cases.


Lecture with case presentations


  • Short description of the methodology used to design guidelines
  • What new mdr-tb guidelines are/will be available in 2019
  • Core news in the 2019 mdr-tb guidelines
  • Differences and similarities between the new guidelines
  • Presentation of a clinical case
  • Role of the tb conslium in ensuring adequate clinical management of difficult-to-treat cases

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the methodology used to design guidelines (GRADE)
  • Report what new MDR-TB guidelines are/will be available in 2019
  • Discuss the core news in the 2019 MDR-TB guidelines
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between the new guidelines
  • Understand the value of the new guidelines through the discussion of a clinical case
  • Report the role of the TB Conslium in ensuring adequate clinical management of difficult-to-treat cases

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Target Audience

  • Adult Pulmonologist/Clinician
  • Medical Student
  • Nurse
  • Physician in Pulmonary Training
  • Thoracic Surgeon

Diseases / Methods

Respiratory infections
General respiratory patient care
Public health