Practical pleural skills

Organisers : Dr. Rahul Bhatnagar

This skills-based course will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the latest evidence in pleural disease management and to practice hands-on skills in different pleural techniques.

The course will introduce delegates to a range of topics and skill relevant to pleural disease, including:

  • Thoracic imaging (chest x-ray, CT and ultrasound) in clinical context
  • Placement of chest tubes and indwelling pleural catheters (and management tips)
  • Medical thoracoscopy (including aftercare and patient selection)
  • Pleurodesis techniques

The maximum number of participants for this course is 30. An application for accreditation will be submitted to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). The number of credits that you will receive corresponds to your attendance during the course. Please note that you need to sign the register of attendance each day to ensure that you receive the CME credits.

Target audience

Early career respiratory specialty trainees and physicians with an interest in developing pleural skills.

Course format

Lectures, case-based discussions and interactive scenarios, hands-on workshops using models and carcasses and video-based workshops.

Learning outcomes

Following this course, participants will

  • have acquired relevant theoretical knowledge and be able to demonstrate basic techniques used in thoracic ultrasound
  • be able to demonstrate the basic techniques used in the insertion and management of indwelling pleural catheters and understand evidence behind them
  • be able to demonstrate the basic techniques used in various forms of medical pleuroscopy and understand the evidence behind them
  • be able to recognise the importance and the role of pleural disease in the management of respiratory patients