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Biomarkers and functional assessment of obstructive lung diseases

Organisers : Nicolino Ambrosino, Alessandro Celi, Pierluigi Paggiaro

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of biomarkers and functional assessment of obstructive lung diseases. Participants will learn about the indications for asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis, as well as the technical problems with obtaining these measurements. Through practical workshops participants will gain a thorough understanding of the methodologies for performing a range of pulmonary functional tests and airway biomarker assessments, and will also learn about the interpretation and implications of the results in clinical activity.

Educational aims

Participants on this Course will gain knowledge of the

  • Indications for detailed functional and biological assessment in asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis (phenotypes);
  • Methodology on performance of these tests;
  • Interpretation of the results;
  • Implication for the management of patients with obstructive lung diseases.


  • Functional and biological phenotypes of asthma and COPD
  • Use of biomarkers for asthma and COPD assessment and management

Target audience

  • Clinicians (pulmonologists in training or postgraduate) with interest in pulmonary pathophysiology and biomarkers
  • Physiotherapists and respiratory technicians dedicated to these measurements


  • Lectures and technical presentations
  • Workshops and practical activities on the instruments
  • Plenary session with general discussion and examples of practical experience