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ERS Monograph: Pulmonary rehabilitation

In the latest instalment of the ERS Monograph podcast series, Editorial Board member Sheila Ramjug talks to Anne Holland, Professor of Physiotherapy at Monash University and Guest Editor of the Monograph on Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Their broad-ranging discussion covers everything from balancing a home life with a career in medicine, to the impact of COVID-19 on implementing pulmonary rehabilitation. Anne talks about the origins of pulmonary rehabilitation, the need to better personalise patient care, and recommends chapters that will help readers understand the patient experience and that provide practical tips on establishing a rehabilitation programme.

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December 2021

What did CFTR modulators bring us till now?

Prof. Mirjam Stahl and Prof. Stojka Fustik are joined by Prof. Marcus Mall to discuss CFTR modulators, the current hot topic area of cystic fibrosis, and how CFTR modulators therapy has developed over the past decades.

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November 2021

Long term antibiotic treatments for chronic lung disease

Professor James Chalmers is joined by Professors Jodie Simpson and Wisia Wedzicha to discuss the role of prophylactic antibiotic treatment in the prevention of exacerbations. They review current evidence from randomised trials, demonstrating the effect of long-term antibiotic treatment on exacerbation rates and symptoms in asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis and other diseases...

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October 2021

Morbidity in the obese child with OSA

Prof. Refika Hamutcu Ersu is joined by Prof. Stijn Verhulst to discuss topics relating to morbidity in the obese child with obstructive sleep apnoea, including why obesity is relevant to OSA, the use of continuous positive airway pressure non-invasive ventilation, and the role of weight loss as a therapy...

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August 2021

Asthma diagnosis in children: lessons learnt from the ERS task force

Professor Sejal Saglani is joined by Professor Erol Gaillard to discuss the recent ERS Task Force on the diagnosis of asthma in children and the reason behind it’s development.

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July 2021

Inhaler adherence in airway disease

Professor Brian Kent is joined by Professors Grainne d'Ancona and Imran Sulaiman to discuss the importance of inhaler adherence, how we measure it, and what we can do to improve it.

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June 2021

New therapies for chronic cough

Professor Alyn Morice is joined by Professors Jacky Smith and Laurent Guilleminault to discuss the nature of cough as a distinct condition, its clinical diagnosis and measurement, and the new treatments available to patients.

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April 2021

New developments in asthma

Dr Paul O’Byrne is joined by Professor Ian Pavord for an engaging discussion which covers the significant changes in the ways that asthma is managed, the role of clinical pharmacology and biologic tools for improving asthma treatment, the potential of precision clinical trials, and lots more.

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March 2021

ERS Monograph: Supporting Tobacco Cessation

ERS Monograph Editorial Board member Dr Sheila Ramjug interviews Guest Editors Dr Sofia Belo Ravara, Dr Paraskevi Katsaounou and Professor Keir Lewis about the latest ERS Monograph, Supporting Tobacco Cessation. In a discussion covering personal interests in the field and more controversial issues, such as e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking device, the Guest Editors demonstrate how this Monograph is not only an interesting read but has a practical application in the clinic.

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March 2021

Discussing the use of tocilizumab in treating COVID-19

Professor Daiana Stolz is joined by Dr Lennie Derde, who was involved in the recent study 'Interleukin-6 Receptor Antagonists in Critically Ill Patients with Covid-19', published by the New England Journal of Medicine. The pair discuss the use of tocilizumab in targeting interleukin-6 and assess its role in reducing the risk of invasive mechanical ventilation for critically ill patients.

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February 2021

ERS Monograph: Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease

Dr Sheila Ramjug interviews Guest Editor Dr Johanna Feary and contributing author Professor Mohamed Jeebhay about the latest ERS Monograph on Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease. In an interesting and thought-provoking discussion, Johanna and Mohamed share the reasons for their personal interest in the field, as well as their "must read" Monograph chapters. They also consider issues such as gender balance in the workplace and its effect, old and new agents causing disease, and whether diagnosis of occupational lung disease is improving.

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January 2021

ERS Monograph: Cardiovascular Complications of Respiratory Disorders

The latest ERS Monograph podcast focuses on the new issue: Cardiovascular Complications of Respiratory Disorders. Editorial Board member Dr Sheila Ramjug asks Guest Editor Professor Miguel Ángel Martínez-García about his career path, what drew him to cardiovascular complications, his experiences of joint working between cardiology and respiratory departments, and the key chapters in the Monograph.

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July 2020

ERJ June Podcast: The natural history of progressive fibrosing ILD

As part of the June 2020 issue, the European Respiratory Journal presents the latest in its series of podcasts. Chief Editor Martin Kolb interviews Kevin K. Brown (National Jewish Health, Denver, CO, USA) and Athol U. Wells (Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK) about analyses of data from the INBUILD and INPULSIS trials suggesting that progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases other than idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis have a clinical course similar to IPF.

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June 2020

ERS Monograph: Pleural Disease – Q&A

This ERS Monograph podcast on pleural disease takes the form of a question and answer session. ERS Monograph Editorial Board member Dr Sheila Ramjug puts your questions to Professor Najib Rahman about the management of pneumothorax and trapped lung, empyema and the RAPID score, as well as AMPLE-2 in daily practice.

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April 2020