ERS Vision: Unmet needs in respiratory medicine

Airway diseases
Paediatric respiratory diseases
Pulmonary vascular diseases
Respiratory infections
Sleep and breathing disorders
ERS Vision: Unmet needs in respiratory medicine - article image

A new special series is now available from ERS Vision that explores unmet needs in respiratory medicine across a number of key disease areas.

Featured topics include adult and paediatric asthma, COPD management and care, sleep disorders, infectious respiratory diseases and pulmonary hypertension.

The videos are led by several of ERS’s leaders and topic experts, including: Prof. Tobias Welte, Prof. Anita Simonds, Prof. Werner Seeger, Prof. Klaus Rabe, Prof. Jørgen Vestbo, Prof. Erika von Mutius and Prof. James Chalmers.

ERS Vision is ERS’s open access video documentary series which tackles the key topics in respiratory health with discussion from leaders in the field of respiratory medicine and healthcare.