ERS Elections

ERS elections are held annually and offer all ERS members the opportunity to have their say about the future leaders of our Society. Member votes are extremely important and we encourage all members to contribute. All current calls for candidates or voting opportunities will be updated on this page, so please check back regularly.

ERS leadership elections


Following the 2018 leadership elections, the following candidates have been appointed:

  • Vice President: Professor Anita Simonds
  • Secretary General Elect: Professor Joanna Chorostowska-Wynimko
  • Treasurer Elect: Professor Thomas Geiser
  • Science Council Chair Elect: Professor Christopher Brightling

National Delegates, Assembly Heads and Secretaries, and Group Chairs and Secretaries

Current open nominations:

The nomination period is open now and will close on 16 November. All qualifying members have been contacted directly to inform them which positions they are permitted to nominate for.

If you would like to become a candidate or nominate a colleague, please do so on the elections page of myERS. Alternatively, send an email to Current open voting:

A voting period will be announced in late November following the above nomination period. Voting will close in January 2019.

Results announcements:

The results of these elections will be announced in January 2019.

NOTIFICATION: Please be aware that following the ERS General Assembly Meeting in Paris, some changes to the ERS assembly/group structures have been announced, including the introduction of a new assembly and new groups. Members can update their preferences at any time using myERS. Find out more.

Further queries

For any queries regarding the ERS elections, please contact: