ERS Elections

Members of ERS are eligible to vote in a number of elections to select future leaders of the Society. The election of dedicated leaders is essential for the future of ERS and gives members the chance to have their views heard.

Voting in the latest round of elections for Assembly Heads and Group Chairs and Secretaries has now closed. View the successful candidates:

Assembly Elections Election year Candidate
Assembly Head 11 – Thoracic Oncology 2017 Peled Nir
Group Elections Election year Candidate
Group Chair 06.04 - Genes and development 2017 Shaheen Seif
Group Secretary 02.01 - Acute critical care 2017 Alves Silva Campos Pires Vicente Lígia Helena
Group Secretary 06.03 - Tobacco, smoking control and health education 2017 Dagli Elif
Group Secretary 07.08 - Lung and airway developmental biology 2017 Carraro Silvia

For any queries regarding the ERS Elections, please contact:

Election procedures

Congratulations to all successful candidates so far: