Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Screening and prevention

Lung cancer continues to be one of the most common cancers across Europe. It claims more lives each year than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined, but only receives 5.6% of the total global funding for cancer research.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month, observed throughout November, provides an opportunity for the public health community to raise awareness of the risk factors for lung cancer and highlight ways to reduce the burden of the disease across Europe.

Ahead of this awareness month, ERS produced a short film on lung cancer screening to inform policymakers, patients and the public, the scientific community and the healthcare field about the potential for lung cancer screening to save lives and reduce medical costs.

Further, ERS also recommends that the European Union commits to the following actions in order to change the fate of lung cancer in Europe:

  • Increase funding for medical research
  • Enable European citizens to breathe clean air
  • Encourage Member States to adopt and implement anti-tobacco legislation
  • Develop European guidelines on lung cancer screening
  • Protect workers from occupational exposure to risk factors
  • Support Member States in health system management

Watch the ERS short film ‘Lung cancer screening: cutting costs, saving lives’ now to learn more about the live-saving potential of CT-scan screening programmes

ERS resources for Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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