CME Online: A case of a coal worker with pneumoconiosis

18 November, 2019

A new CME module is now available that focuses on a patient with coalworker’s pneumoconiosis who is also diagnosed with lung cancer.

Led by Professor David Baldwin and Dr Torsten Gerriet, this module features a panel discussion, interactive case simulation and suggested readings, which will help to teach participants to:

  • Identify radiological features of coalworker’s pneumoconiosis and when further investigation is warranted
  • Understand the recommended series of investigations in diagnosing and staging non-small cell lung cancer
  • Understand the meaning and significance of anthracotic pigmentation in lymph nodes
  • Describe the factors influencing the assessment of fitness for surgery in patients with lung cancer and the alternative treatments available

Participants with a myERS account will also be able to take a test on the topic at the end of the module, which is accredited with one CME credit. A CME certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the CME test.

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