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Scientific programme as of 20 December 2019

The Human Lung Cell Atlas: charting the cellular landscape of the lung in health and disease

Organisers : Dr Martijn Nawijn (Netherlands) and Dr Herbert Schiller (Germany)

This ERS Research Seminar aims to inform the European respiratory community about the recently developed single-cell technologies and their application in establishing the Human Lung Cell Atlas, the impact and use of the atlas for basic, translational and clinical research as well as development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for precision medicine. Moreover, the Research Seminar aims to build a European network of respiratory scientists willing to contribute to the Lung Cell Atlas.

Participants benefit:

  • Insight in the novel technologies measuring single-cell and spatial gene expression patterns and their use for characterizing the cellular landscape of the lung.
  • Detailed understanding of the cell types in airway wall and lung parenchyma described by the single-cell techniques, and their molecular phenotypes in health and disease.
  • Know the aims and approach of the Human Lung Cell Atlas initiative
  • Understand how the results from the Human Lung Cell Atlas can contribute to their own basic, translational or clinical research.
  • Appreciate the opportunities that the Human Lung Cell Atlas offers for identifying and developing novel biomarkers for disease inception, exacerbation or treatment response, and novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

In addition to these learning outcomes, the participants will have the opportunity to join the Human Lung Cell Atlas community, and participate in the European network that aims to support the use of single-cell and spatially resolving techniques to map the cell types and their molecular phenotypes and interactions with each other and with the lung matrix in health and disease.


Registration to the seminar is now closed. If you want to attend contact, you will be added to the waiting list. Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Notification of selections for those who registered will be sent by mid-January 2020.

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