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Scientific programme as of 23 January 2018

Use of biologics in adults/adolescents with severe corticosteroid refractory asthma and setting a future research agenda

Organisers : Prof. Stephen Holgate (UK), Prof. Marc Humbert (France), Prof. Roland Buhl (Germany)

Join us in London for this new ERS research seminar, it will be an opportunity to break new ground and address in-depth questions around the use of biologics in adults/adolescents with severe refractory asthma with leading experts in their field. We will explore the progress made within the scientific community as well as recently published clinical data underpinned by real-world clinical experience with biologics in severe asthma, with the aim of galvanising current opinion around the appropriate diagnosis, treatment and management of these patients and especially the use and positioning of biologics.


Participants will have the opportunity to debate and discuss key issues, share knowledge and experience and be a voice in forwarding practice in this area. This will also provide an arena for clinicians interested to learn from more senior, well-established experts in their field.

Focused workshops and panel discussions will allow maximal opportunity to discuss and debate key challenges and to determine the seminar's opinion on the use of biologics in severe refractory asthma. Attention will be focused on the application of evidence to clinical practice, with aim of developing a position paper and subsequent ERS task force.


Registration to attend this Seminar is close. Admittance to the research seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Notification of whether you have been selected will be sent in mid-February, 2018.

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