Research Seminar

The interaction between airways disease and bronchiectasis - An initiative of the EMBARC and SHARP CRCs

Barcelona, Spain

7-8 February, 2019

The aim of this research seminar is to breakdown some of the barriers between different specialities to discuss and debate the role of overlap…
Research Seminar

Targeting the detrimental effects of sleep disturbances and disorders - towards personalized treatment in respiratory diseases

Dublin, Ireland

24-25 January, 2019

Sleep disorders, i.e. diseases that affect, disrupt or involve sleep, represent a major public health burden. At least 10% of the population…
Research Seminar

New biomarkers, molecules and therapeutic sequences for non small cell lung carcinoma in the era of precision medicine

Paris, France

9-10 May, 2019

The therapeutic management of advanced non small cell carcinoma (NSCLC) has been transformed by the better knowledge of oncogenic addictions and…