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Guidelines on long-term NIV in COPD

Chair: Raffele Scala Speaker: Wolfram Windisch

This webinar will provide up-date knowledge on a topic of a wide interest for respiratory medicine such as long term NIV in COPD.

Educational aims

  • Patho-physiologic rationale on the use of domiciliary NIV in COPD
  • Main clinical and physiologic targets of long term NIV in COPD
  • Correlates for clinical evidence –based effectiveness of long term NIV in COPD both in stable phase and after an acute severe exacerbation
  • The role and effectiveness of CO2-targeted modes of long term NIV in COPD
  • Practical issues (ie. Adaptation, interfaces, humidification, monitoring etc)


  • Frontal lecture including clinical cases and practical issues, with final take home messages
  • Interactive discussion


  • pathophysiology of stable COPD and post acute exacerbations
  • rationale and practical issues of noninvasive ventilation
  • hypercapnia and CO2-targeted modes of ventilation
  • adaptation to long term NIV in COPD
  • pitfalls of long term NIV in COPD

Learning outcomes

After the course the attendants will be able to select the best COPD candidates who are more likely to get benefit from long term NIV, to choose the best modality of ventilation and the setting where to perform patient’s adaptation, to appropriately monitor the patients on home ventilation

What is a webinar?

The webinar closely simulates a lecture-based teaching experience. The speaker can interact with the audience, just as in a classroom setting.

This webinar comprises 45-minute lecture followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer sessions. During the webinar you will be asked to share your opinion on issues related to the topic using interactive polls. Your answers are not evaluated but participation is mandatory to obtain the CME credits.

All participants will be able to hear the lecturer and see the slides throughout the presentation. As a participant you will be able to pose questions or discuss ideas with the other participants via the text chat facility and the speaker will respond to the questions via the microphone.

Log in guidelines

To attend the webinar you will need to log in to an Adobe Connect platform. We will send you related login information one week before the webinar is due to commence.

In order to benefit from this live experience we advise that you ensure that your equipment is compatible with the technical specifications listed here:

It is also recommended that you perform a system test.

  • Please log in to the webinar 20 minutes before it is scheduled to commence. If you have any technical difficulties whilst trying to log in or during the session please contact e-learning@ersnet.org
  • Check Central European Time.
  • To achieve the best quality, we recommend to stop all other programmes and to avoid downloading anything from the internet during your connection to the lecture.
  • Please also ensure that your audio settings are not set to mute and adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Target Audience

  • Adult Pulmonologist/Clinician
  • General Practitioner
  • Nurse
  • Physician in Pulmonary Training
  • Respiratory Critical Care Physician
  • Respiratory therapist

Diseases / Methods

Airway diseases

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