“Research gaps, patient needs and innovative solutions: a forward look on lung health research”

“Following on in the tradition set for the ERS Presidency, I will address the aspect of identifying and reducing risk factors linking communicable and non-communicable respiratory diseases. These aspects will be the basis of the 3rd Respiratory Summit on "Lung Health in Europe: changing the natural history of respiratory diseases" that will be held in Dublin in June 2013.”

Francesco Blasi, in his first message as ERS President

The ERS 2013 Presidential Summit is in association with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

DAY 1 – FRIDAY 7 JUNE 2013

12:00–13:00 Registration & Lunch

13:00-13:15 Opening and welcome

13:15–13:30 Key note address

13:30–14:45 Policies for lung health and research: can they make a difference?

14:45–15:45 Lung Health: understanding risk factors

15:45–16:15 Coffee break

16:15–18:30 Gaps and needs: defining patient-focused research

Followed by a panel discussion to identify concrete areas/topics where collaboration at EU-level is necessary.


08:00–09:30 Needs and perceptions: understanding the patient

09:30–10:15 Towards a new perspective on industry partnerships?

10:15–10:45 Coffee break

10:45-11:00 Instructions for break-out sessions

11:00–12:00 Break-out sessions on top priorities for collaborative research

Outcomes should define top priorities for international/European research that will deliver innovations, meet patient needs, and address urgent research gaps: through the formulation of potential research topics for Horizon 2020.

12:00–12:30 Preparation of leaders’ reports

12:30–13:00 Leaders report back to Plenary & Closing remarks

Any questions? Please contactscientific@ersnet.org