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A public health approach to respiratory health

The ERS is hosting its Annual Presidential Summit this year at the University of Ghent, Belgium from 13th -14th June entitled “A public health approach to respiratory health”.

As medical research and healthcare is becoming ever more personalised and precise, the possibility to detect and cure disease at an individual level offers unparalleled promise for patients. But this vision of healthcare can find itself pitted directly against the notion of broader public health and population level health benefits. The Summit aims to look at these contrasting positions with a view to addressing issues such as

  • Is respiratory disease a particular case in terms of public health?
  • What can we benefit from looking at respiratory health through the lens of public health?
  • How should we identify research needs?
  • How should interventions be targeted and at what level?



Summit opening: Guy Joos, ERS President

Scene setter: Public health in Europe

Session I: Can public health control programmes work for asthma? Chair and rapporteur: Guy Brusselle

Session II: Towards better prevention and control of COPD Chair and rapporteur: Jørgen Vestbo

Session III: A public health approach to lung cancer Chair and rapporteur: Torsten Blum

Day 2 Session I: Challenges to prevention Chair and rapporteur: Stefano Aliberti

Session II: Access to medicine – case of TB Chair and rapporteur: GB Migliori

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