Environment and Health Committee

Exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollutants damages the lungs. Environmental policy is a core EU activity and the ERS Environment and Health Committee is an active partner in forming European policy. The Committee supports lower thresholds of acceptable levels of air pollution, stricter enforcement of existing EU legislation, advocates for exposure limits to occupational air pollution at the European level and notes the need for further research to fully understand the impact of particular factors on human health.

To help protect the health of citizens and patients suffering from respiratory diseases, the dedicated Committee:

  • advises ERS in all matters regarding the impact of environmental factors on respiratory health;
  • provides information on preventing and managing environment-related respiratory disease to respiratory and occupational clinicians and researchers; environmental health researchers; epidemiologists; and toxicologists;
  • helps to improve respiratory health in Europe and elsewhere by providing evidence-based recommendations and information to policymakers and the public.

The Committee also works closely with the European Lung Foundation to disseminate its findings and recommendations to the wider public and patients.

Currently, the Committee is composed of:

  • Chair of the Environment and Health Committee - Bert Brunekreef
  • ERS expert in the field - Torben Sigsaard
  • ERS expert in the field - Bertil Forsberg
  • Chair of the ERS Advocacy Council - Christina Gratziou
  • ERS Co-opted member- Francesco Forestiere
  • ERS Co-opted member - Dick Heederik
  • ERS Co-opted member- Isabella Annesi-Maesano
  • ERS Co-opted member - Nino Kuenzli
  • ERS Co-opted member - Sara De Matteis
  • ELF representative - Dan Smyth
  • ERS Executive Director is an observer.