Research Seminar

Time to move forward: Challenges and research opportunities for lung cancer screening and early detection in Europe

Lisbon, Portugal

1-2 July, 2021

Information: ERS Statement on COVID-19 and upcoming ERS events

Organisers : Prof. Dr. Van Meerbeeck and Dr Snoeckx Annemiek

Note: Due to Covid-19 situation the date and the venue of this event have changed from the initially scheduled 11-12 February, 2021 (Berlin, Germany).

The aim of this research seminar is to confront experts and young researchers in the field of lung cancer screening and early detection. The seminar aims to offer a platform for interaction between clinicians and researchers involved in different aspects of early detection, including imaging, biomarkers and research on the different aspects of implementation. Young researchers will also be encouraged to present their research projects on these topics.

Participant benefits

  • Raise awareness for lung cancer screening among participants.
  • Generate hypotheses and stimulate interaction for implementation research.
  • Increase involvement in implementation research.


Registration to the seminar is now open. If you want to attend complete the online registration form by the registration deadline: Monday, 15 March 2021. Admittance to this research seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Notification of selections will be sent in early April 2021.

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