Abstract and case submission

The call for abstract/case submissions for the ERS Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation Conference 2022 is not currently open and will be announced in due course. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Why submit an abstract or case?

The aim of the Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation Conference is to support the exchange of knowledge amongst the international scientific community. Writing an abstract for this conference is an important way for you to communicate your scientific research or clinical practice with your peers. Submitting a clinical case is also very valuable as an educational resource, which strongly supports our offering of case-based sessions.

Abstract submission

  • An abstract is a summary of a research publication. The study and results reported should be novel and not simply an extension of previously published work.
  • Accepted abstracts will be presented by the presenting author in Thematic Poster sessions.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published in the ERJ Open Research.

Case submission

  • Submit a challenging case and, if selected, your work could be presented in a case-based session at the conference.
  • A clinical case is a detailed report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of an individual patient. Clinical cases may contain a demographic profile of the patient, but usually describe an unusual or novel occurrence.
  • Accepted clinical cases will be included in case-based sessions.