Lung Science Conference 2021

Repair and regeneration in chronic lung disease and lung cancer

19th Lung Science Conference (LSC) | 11-12 March, 2021 | Virtual

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) would like to thank all who contributed and took part in this year's virtual LSC. Read the message by Prof. Reinoud Gosens (ERS Conferences and Seminars Director) for a summary of this year's event.

Learning resources from the event such as ePosters and session recordings are now available to ERS members on the ERS e-learning website.

The conference has been granted 8 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP). Instructions on how to claim CME credits will be sent to LSC participants.


A number of awards are presented each year at LSC to recognise researchers who have submitted high-quality abstract data. We are delighted to share the details of this year’s awardees and their presentations:

Young Investigator Session – William MacNee Award
  • Martina M. De Santis – YI 402 – Host response towards decellularised lung extracellular matrix reinforced bioinks for 3D bioprinting lung tissue for transplantation
Distinguished Poster Awards
  • Naoaki Watanabe –  PP 105 – Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals an anomalous epithelial variation and ectopic inflammatory response in COPD
  • Ian Hawthorne –  PP 114 – Mesenchymal stromal cells reduce house dust mite induced allergic airway inflammation in a humanised MIF expressing mouse model
  • Róisín Mongey – PP 128 – Investigating the role of vitamin A intake and retinoic acid signalling in lung homeostasis and repair-A multidisciplinary approach
  • Georgia A. Giotopoulou – PP 135 – Mutational RNA signatures in environmentally-induced lung adenocarcinoma
  • Manuela Platé – PP 205 – Effect of mTOR inhibition in a 3D in vitro model of alveolar epithelium and epithelial regeneration
  • Carolin Koss – PP 212 – The Anti-Fibrotic Drug Nintedanib Promotes Repair Macrophage
  • Cinta Iriondo – PP 225 – Development of a 3D in vitro co-culture model of the airway mucosa using human primary cells
  • Emil Rehnberg – PP 234 – Lung-on-a-chip device for modelling of ventilator induced lung injury

ERS congratulates the winners and sincerely thanks all who submitted abstracts for inclusion in this year’s conference programme.