The Lung Science Conference 2024: Sunday morning hybrid pass

The Lung Science Conference 2024 Sunday morning pass: new perspectives for a clinical audience

The Sunday morning hybrid pass is a new feature for the ERS Lung Science Conference 2024; the pass is designed to bring new perspectives for a wider clinical audience.

At a glance:

  • Register for small fee for online access to the Lung Science Conference’s Sunday morning programme on on 17 March, 2024
  • The Sunday sessions will focus on preventive therapies, and will be of major interest to clinicians
  • The programme gives an opportunity for those working in lung research to interact with clinicians and clinical scientists, to meet and discuss their needs

The new Sunday morning pass is available for a one-off registration fee of €35 for those not already registered for the Lung Science Conference. It will provide online access to the event’s Sunday morning programme.

For the first three days of the Lung Science Conference 2024, the majority of sessions are focused on basic and translational science, whereas the Sunday programme focuses on preventive therapies.

The Lung Science Conference’s Sunday sessions are due to focus on preventive and regenerative strategies for chronic lung diseases such as lung growth trajectories: catch up and growth failure and novel regenerative approaches to lung injury. Moreover, trajectories to early diagnosis and future therapies of chronic lung diseases will be discussed by experts in the field.

The Sunday programme will provide an opportunity for respiratory professionals working in lung research to interact with basic and clinical scientists to meet and discuss their problems, gaps in knowledge, new developments and much more.

Prof. Silke Meiners, ERS Conference and Research Seminars Director, said:

“We plan to open the Sunday morning sessions to the broad clinical audience. The programme will provide an opportunity to hear what’s new in certain areas and get an idea on new findings in basic science and how you can apply that to your clinical science.

“ERS is ideally suited to provide this opportunity, and what better event to do this at than the Lung Science Conference? The Lung Science Conference is a particularly good place to do translational science. We enable people to meet – such as clinicians and basic scientists – to provide room to discuss their projects. We have early career researchers meeting senior ones, and this is an excellent example of how we can facilitate translational science.

“I hope we can really get a broader audience from the clinicians’ side to the Lung Science Conference. This is the place where we can improve the interaction, provide space for discussions and in turn, translation will be generated.”

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