ERS HERMES: Self-assessment course in paediatric respiratory medicine

Berlin, Germany

3 July, 2021

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This session, linked to the Summer school of paediatric respiratory medicine, provides a unique opportunity to test your applied knowledge in paediatric respiratory medicine against 30 high-quality, case-based multiple-choice questions, selected from the question pool of the ERS HERMES European examination in adult respiratory medicine. All answers are then explained and discussed with a content expert onsite. This course is aimed at all respiratory professionals or trainees wishing to benchmark themselves against the European standards, or sit the European examination in paediatric respiratory medicine.

The event takes place after the Summer school of paediatric respiratory medicine, but is open to the general public. Participants in Summer school benefit from a reduced fee of €75.

Course format

A 1-hour multiple-choice question assessment followed by a 2-hour explanation of correct answers and interactive discussion with a content expert.

Learning outcomes

Following this course, participants will:

  • Gain better knowledge of the major fields of respiratory medicine
  • Benchmark themselves against the European standards
  • Improve their proficiency in solving case-based multiple-choice questions
  • Prepare themselves for the European examination in paediatric respiratory medicine

Early Career
ERS Members
ERS members€150
Non-ERS Members€150
Industry (ERS Members & non-Members)€150

Terms and conditions

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