TB care for Refugees and Migrants in Europe


This event, marking World TB Day, brought together experts to discuss TB diagnostic and health services for refugees and migrants.

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Aim of the event

Health experts, policy makers and healthcare professionals came together to discuss improving access to TB diagnostic and health services for refugees and migrants.


  • Michel Kazatchkine, Special Advisor to the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe


  • Paul Sommerfeld, Chair, TB Europe Coalition ( access Paul’s presentation)
  • Andrei Dadu, Medical Officer, TB Team, WHO Regional Office for Europe
  • Ivan Solovic, Associate Professor, National Institute for TB, Lung Diseases and Thoracic Surgery, Slovakia (access Ivan’s presentation)
  • Oxana Rucsineanu, Executive Director, SMIT Association, Coordinator for TB NGOs and KAP Platforms, Moldova (access Oxana’s presentation)
  • Baroness Suttie, Co-Chair of the Western Europe region of the Global TB Caucus


  • Discussion
  • Q&A


During the roundtable, speakers discussed:

  • Migration and TB
  • TB services for refugees and migrants across the WHO European Region
  • Tackling TB in refugees in Europe
  • Supporting TB and HIV people fleeing Ukraine