Respiratory medicine meets rheumatology: What is new in connective tissue diseases – ILD


This webinar aims to identify prognostic markers in order to predict disease clinical course and guide treatment of connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung diseases (CTD-ILD).

Several serum biomarkers have been investigated as helpful for diagnosis and prognosis of ILD, although disease specific biomarkers are lacking, and large longitudinal studies are needed to contribute to patient’s management.

For the last two years, we have witnessed the emergence of new treatment options in the field of CTD-ILD: some studies on biological treatments (Rituximab, Tocilizumab) have yielded interesting results that suggest an effect of these drugs on the lungs of patients’ subpopulation.

Furthermore, the results of the SENSCIS and INBUILD trials are a major breakthrough, paving the way for the use of antifibrotics in CTD-ILD. However, difficult challenges remain: is it possible to predict fibrosis and progression? How could we identify patients at risk?


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