Rapid diagnostics to revolutionise our response to respiratory infections: Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance

Ahead of the annual Antibiotics Awareness Day, VALUE-Dxproject team and EU stakeholders, patients and health professionals came together to address challenges and discuss prospective of battling antimicrobial resistance. Project researchers highlighted the role of novel cost-effective diagnostics of infections, introducing innovative solutions to combat antimicrobial resistance. Improving clinical care and achieving better patient outcomes is in the core of the approach.

The event took place online, in the form of a live webinar, hosted by the European Respiratory Society.

*About the project:

VALUE-Dx is the first Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project initiated by 6 in vitro diagnostic companies who joined forces with 20 non-industry partners to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and improve patient outcomes. Unique in its multidisciplinary consortium, it involves clinicians, microbiologists, health economists, social scientists, and industry, to help build the medical and economic case for rapid diagnostics as a public good in the fight against antibiotic resistance.