ERS Postgraduate week

11 Oct, 2021 - 15 Oct, 2021

ERS Postgraduate week - hero image

The ERS Postgraduate week is a week-long virtual event from 11–15 October dedicated to postgraduate courses. Medical practitioners will have the opportunity to align their current procedures with the latest clinical best practice.

A variety of lecture-based sessions include dedicated time for interaction between participants and faculty. Participants will put knowledge into practice by taking part in group tasks led by top level faculty.


  • PG1 Sleep disordered breathing in obstructive and restrictive lung diseases: from pathophysiology to treatment
  • PG2 Drug-resistant tuberculosis
  • PG3 Masterclass updates in asthma and COPD
  • PG4 Back to clinical physiology
  • PG5 Pleural disease: integrating 2021 evidence with real life cases
  • PG6 Noninvasive monitoring in the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit
  • PG7 Emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance: diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and other preventive and/or therapeutic interventions
  • PG8 Advanced cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • PG9 Acute and chronic cough in children
  • PG10 Imaging guided interventional pulmonology
  • PG11 Pulmonary hypertension in a nutshell

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