Panel discussion: Covid 19 – Looking into the future

India is at the cusp of its 3rd wave. We are also in the midst of the largest vaccination program in the world. Hence this webinar will guide us in better preparedness for the 3rd wave and also the future control of COVID-19 infections. The guidance on vaccination will be crucial in vaccinating the remaining population including children and for further booster doses of vaccine.

Educational aims

  • Update about the most relevant and latest research on COVID 19
  • Management of mild and moderate COVID 19.
  • Phenotyping and individualising treatment for COVID 19
  • Latest on vaccination in COVID 19.


  • Newer therapies in mild and moderate COVID 19: how would you treat patients based on current evidence?
  • COVID-19 vaccines versus variants: How much immunity is enough?
  • Co-infections and secondary infection in COVID 19: what have we learnt?
  • Q&A

Learning outcomes

Following the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Better and more evidence based management of COVID
  • Learning about treating secondary infections in COVID
  • Emphasis on management of mild and moderate COVID infection
  • Vaccinating for COVID-19

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